11.2.4 is a upcomming update for BlockStory.

Release Date: Coming soon


  • Rails
  • Rails into Caves and Minecart Coming In Game
  • Minecart
  • Turns into Caves Coming in Game
  • Hungry into Health Coming in Game
  • Pets Health
  • Pets in Health Hungry Level Coming in Game
  • Changed Elevator
  • Elevator in House Coming in Game
  • Fire Mass
  • Fire Mass into Lava Coming in Game
  • Sign Block Text Name Colors
  • Additional Levels 380 and 420 In 11.1.0 Datas
  • Water Mass Game Code Unknown
  • Spider Pet Level 56 and 62 In 11.1.0 Datas
  • New Quest Great Hunter
  • Snowman Level 67 and 72 Datas 11.1.0
  • Robot Spider Game Code Model Unknown
  • New Weapon Dragon Sword
  • New Modeled Car
  • New Bucket
  • New Boss Ender Dragon
  • New Mode
  • New Boss Mati with sword fight

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