Want Buy when waiting buy Potions and Weapons

Wizard with Player ask Shadow Hunter

Alchemist is a NPC can be Buy Blocks Items Weapons Armors Plants Shields Bed Pickaxes Teleporter Torch Fishes Rod Boat Car Gold Ore Iron Ore Tools and Even Pets However Old Versions Named Shadow Hunter

Can buy Expect Creative Mode

In Old Versions Quest not gives only Buy

Only NPC some Quests Gives

Appearance Edit

Scar on Face

Holds Sword even though Staff not attack

Wears Hat on you am

Trivia Edit

Alchemist Gives Some Quests Potion Recipe Bow and Arrow Kill Deer and Shop

Wizard Calls his Thief

Most Likey Alchemist Second Name with Shadow Hunter

When Attack Sword Even Through Magic not attack

Shoots with Bow and Arrow Even Through Gun not Attack

In 12.0.5 Ted and Shadow Hunter spawns sea used Boat and Viking boat

In Map Asenvale Player sees Blank Shadow hunter