He is the second most powerful mob in Block Story,whom seeks to rule over Block Story. His soul is connected to the three dragons: Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon and the Ashkore . He terrorized the people by sending the dragons to destroy their homes and anyone who stands in his way ,(WARNING SPOILERS ) the Dragons did not wish to be ordered around and left him. He at first disguises himself as a helpless old man, tricking the player to recapture the dragons and becomes more powerful than he ever was.


Abilities : Flying, Breathing lightning, (and other elements)

Level : 100

Drops : Destroyer, Replecator, Skulls, Electrite, Dragon Heart.

Location : Takes the Wizard's place (spawns) when a certain quest is available.

Health : 8200+ Edit

Magic : Dark Magic (which heals him), lightning.

Attack Strategy: Flies near the player, breathing out the elements above to attack when close enough (?).