An earthquake occurs and stops randomly when you are standing on ground.You will know when an earthquake happens when the enviroment is shaking furiously and an indicator on the center top of the screen says earthquake.


The earthquake can either last very long or for at least 5 seconds.Earthquake does not damage structures or buildings and is just for immersion purposes adding rpg elements.I know,earthquake is so very annoying when you are adventuring or taking a walk anywhere you are then suddenly the world starts shaking.


  • Luckily for you,earthquake is considered as a weather in the in game mechanics. So to make earthquake stop and never happen again,simply turn off weather effects in the options menu.
  • There are currently one way to negate the effects of an earthquake which is by activating flight and not touching any surfaces like on top of trees and ground.
  • There is no proof that earthquake will damage structures,dangit! The earthquake destroying houses and houses dissapearing because of it is a hoax! Seriously,peoples will really complain about the game if earthquake in games destroyed their creations. And,its no logic at all because blocky games like this contains stiff physics Example:placing a block and destroying some blocks below it will cause it to float in midair.
  • The player will be injured by the earthquake steadily while npcs and monsters does not even know about the earthquake(npcs and monsters are not effected by earthquake)
  • Theres no picture in this page because its under construction,please be patient until then.

Maple Kitsune (talk) 03:38, December 8, 2016 (UTC)MapleKitsuneMaple Kitsune (talk) 03:38, December 8, 2016 (UTC)