Emerald GeodeEdit


It seems that Hugo is inspecting the Emerald and Ruby geode...

You see,caves might be creepy and dangerous because it leads to beneath the surface,plus you might get lost if you venture too deep inside. But,who knows what riches and fortunes an aspiring adventurer like you might find underneath these treacherous caverns. Of course,the beautiful,shiny,gleamy emerald will be yours if you found it. Make sure you have alot of pickaxe for else mining these precious gemstones might take you alot of time using your bare hands.

Emerald HuntingEdit


Whenever I go hunting for gemstones,caves like these are a good start.

Sometimes,you might find yourself wondering where can I find these elusive emeralds to complete Ted's quest? Or I love gemstones,but where can i find more so i can craft magic or have a fancy collection of these pretty gemstones? Well,I'd say going to the caves and venturing deep inside it is your best bet to find your much wanted emeralds.The most important things is that you should bring torches to light up the area so you can spot all the goodies for you to mine. Bring alot of pickaxe to mine,foods to eat so you don't go hungry,and some sword and your pet to protect yourself from angry spiders and worms.



That might be the way out but its just an illusion! Don't get fooled.

What are the uses of emeralds exactly? I think it's for:
  • Crafting magics like soul catcher.
  • Crafting emerald blocks that can make your house super fancy and beatiful
  • Craft a dance floor using emerald blocks and other gem blocks since they glow their colours.
  • Using it as a light source for your home or your wizard tower if you are a wizard in game perhaps?
  • Using it as a window(emerald block) since its transparent.
  • ...(more coming soon)

How to identifyEdit


That glowing green block in the middle of the marble block is an emerald geode.

It looks like...uh...hmm...emeralds inside of a normal rock block. And it shines thus illuminating the dark crevices of the cave(thats why I told you to bring your light source,once you dig it out you will see only darkness). And...ah...its pretty thats all to describe it I think?


  • Screenshot36

    *Sighs* Everytime Aragog,EVERY SINGLE TIMEEEE!!!11!!! *RAGE*

    Be on lookout for dangerous mobs like Aragog(lv.10 if you delve inside a cave in your beginning place.),spiders and small worms are just annoying as they deal little damage and make your screen shake creating mini earthquakes everytime they sting you(very literally).
  • You will most likely find baby goblin,mr goblin blues,goblin warrior(lvl.20+),Hugo,Baby Hugo and I think thats all the npcs in these places when you are hunting for emeralds.
  • Should you find youself dying from hostiles,run away to goblin warrior as they pretty much works as a police to help you kill those dastardly evil Aragogs(yes they appears every time you kill them off as if they are unlimited.).

    Emeralds can be very sneaky and you have to break walls .