The Sky Islands, or the Forgotten Sky, is a series of islands floating high in the sky. Connecting by stone bridges, the islands themselves are virtually flat with only one or two trees on each. They are extremely thin, so it's not recommended to dig straight down. Clouds are visible once you reach these islands, they look like ice blocks.

Underneath the islands you can find the ores of Kryptonite and Klorium.


Sky Islands are found high in the sky. To reach them, it is recommended to have at least 10 mana icons and fly up as the player. Otherwise, riding Drako or an Eagle is a safer mode of transportation.


Ashkore - The Electric Dragon. This MOB is a Boss and considerably stronger than its brethren.

Visitors - The Aliens. Only found in Atlantis and the Sky Islands, they spawn at night and can teleport.

Angel Goblins - The Angelic Goblins. Only found in Sky Islands, they are yellow MOBs.


Other MOBs that aren't as rare:

Warrior Goblins - Found in Sky Islands and Caves, they are rather abundant.

Eagles - Very common in the Sky Islands, a great way to collect feathers.

Dragon Bats - Weak snakes with wings.

Other small, green MOBs such as jackalopes.