The evil blight of the snow fieldsEdit


Two ice elementals(spawned) vs 1 spider!!!

Yes,thats right!The ice coloured and evil counterpart of the source of life.These icy devils will kill those harmless little sheeps and npcs alike.They are considered as magical creatures by nature but does not possess any type of magic attacks.

Fortune Hunter Edit


It is definitely unhappy about you robbing its mana potions and gold ores.

For some reason,these ice elementals has alot of gold ores and mana potions with them ranging from 1-26+ units of items.If you are brave enough and needs alot of mana potions for sorcery and become rich in one night(not a scam!),go straight into the snowy terrains at night and soulcapture these monsters.Then place the antique spawner at somewhere deserted because npcs are such busybodies which will killsteal and cause you to not gain any materials or exp.Damn you townies!!!!


  • I've noticed that ice elementals will only spawn at night and only in the snowy terrain naturally.
  • If you force spawn a ice elemental during the day,the devil will start burning and die(-200hp damage from sunlight)then you won't be able to gain any exp nor valuables as well.
  • Thats why these icy devils can't be found in the day because just like any other monsters,they will burn and die in the sunlight.
  • Killing lvl.1 ice elementals is a great way to gain riches and grow your pet easily to lvl.20 because they are tough but slow.
  • The ice elementals(lvl.1)deals -6~-8 dmg to your pets and their attack animation is considered slow(slamming their fists at you and rests for a brief second)
  • Beginners should not attempt the Fortune Hunter trick as it is for mid-game players.

Maple Kitsune (talk) 08:08, December 13, 2016 (UTC)MapleKitsuneMaple Kitsune (talk) 08:08, December 13, 2016 (UTC)