Rainbow coloured wheats!Edit

Screenshot 2015-12-11-17-00-13

They looks tasty or perhaps intriguing...

Well,in block story,I discovered that there are pre-coloured items all across the world. Not to mention houses,coloured snow...and wheat crops. I have found this coloured wheat orchard near the snowfields in between the grasslands.

Interactions and stuffsEdit

Screenshot 2015-12-11-16-59-44

Full flanking/side view of its appearance.

You can simply harvest these wheat crops by using a hoe(a tool that can be crafted at the workbench.)by holding your finger at a wheat in distance until it...magically disappeared from the world into your inventory.

Original stuffEdit

in the picture,I did not modify anything and it includes:

  • Palm wooden fence
  • Palm wooden lamp
  • multiple coloured wheat

Perhaps thats all. Do not worry,you can just take away anything especially the fence and no one will be angry. You can even build a lavish house(which is not included) near this place so you can claim it as your fancy garden!

My opinions about the occurence of this phenomenaEdit

What you see here is 100% original and its not user built. Those wheat orchards have a slightly high chance to appear on the grasslands and it is actually quite rare to appear in the snowfields as in the pictures. Their counterparts will be an orchard of melons and pumkins. And I said grasslands...I mean the jungles. Tall trees with bushes and leaves different from any tree.

Maple Kitsune (talk) 05:43, February 29, 2016 (UTC)MapleKitsuneMaple Kitsune (talk) 05:43, February 29, 2016 (UTC)