Goblin Outpost/Camp

During Maple Kitsune`s adventure,she stumbled upon a place which is inhabited by goblins. She decided to give this place a name:Goblin Outpost. Althrough the goblin outpost seems somewhat primitive...there are alot of things worth plundering around for fellow adventurers.

Antique Monument

Before Maple Kitsune arrives the goblin settlement during her voyage,she notices there are alot of sandstones.she figured that there might be an ancient civilization abandoned in the middle of the desert.

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-43-54

What a Wonderous view!!!

She saw antique forgotten stones in the middle of the monument(which is useful stuff!)and the entire monument is made out of sandstones and antique forgotten stones.(which can be mined without mercy heheheh!).

Note:there are cactuses,a water well,water source,sandstone,antique...(again!),sand,NPCs,sheeps,and feral pigs.

There are no goblins here yet.  

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-44-14

The well...

The well which contains water sources and is very deep! Yikes!

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-43-05

Skull trophies for you to take back home as souvenirs!

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