Maple Kitsune`s Civilized Urban Goblin Neighbour

Screenshot 2015-12-11-07-39-08

Hello! Welcome to my world Mr.Goblin!

In my house! I introduced mr goblin to live in my neighbourhood(to give me protection from monsters!)because it would be an nice edition to my town to have a strong,bulky security guard.
  • level? lvl.5
  • Hit points? 103HP
  • species? Civilized Goblin
  • Job? None 
  • size? Large
  • Attack Speed? Moderate
  • Damage dealt? heavy damage
  • Armor? None(I dont see any!)
  • Damage reduction? High (Absorbs large amount of damage!) [Proof:try using fire magic at him,it will deal only 20+ damage while dealing 80+ damage to T-Rex,aragog, and animals]
  • Drop? Iron pickaxe 50% (It might be used)
  • Attack style? Elbow Thrust! (SLAP!)
  • Where and how did he get to Maple Kitsune`s home? An Antique spawner of course! (I soulcapture him in the cave. Soulcapturing does not count as an attack so dont worry.)
  • What did he do in majority of days? (Guarding my backyard duh! My backyard is the weak point for monster attacking.)
  • Best friends? Maple Kitsune and feral pigs and my farm animals. {A Tutorial about farming and soulcapturing will be created by me soon! Dont worry!}
  • Favorite objects? he says `Me likes shiny things`
  • Magic and mana? None
  • weapon? Bare hands that packs a punch! RUN!
  • What type of entity? Neutral alignment.


  1. Me like shiny things(Passive)
  2. I see you(Passive)
  3. you can`t hide(Passive)
  4. Me goblin(Passive)
  6. Me no like you no more!(Hostile)
  7. MWHAHAHAHAHA(Hostile)