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Visitors are aggressive mobs found in Block Story.


Visitors are small mobs, about half of the player's size. They're green in color and resemble the 'Grey' aliens commonly featured in media. They have large, almond-shaped eyes and spikes running down their spines. 


Unlike most other mobs, Visitors can teleport to attack the player, their pets, NPCs and peaceful mobs. When attacking, they will teleport near their target and attack with their claws and teeth.


Visitors will only spawn in The Forgotten Sky, at night. Like a lot of mobs, Visitors will burn during daytime.

Combat Advice:Edit

Do not use ranged weapons or magic. They will teleport and disrupt your aim. Instead, use melee weapons along with your pet. If you want to capture them with a Soul Catcher, build a three block tall pillar, lead the Visitors to it and stand on it. You will be out of its range, but you will be able to catch it easily.(Note: This trick also works with magic.)


- Due to their appearance and their spawn location, it is possible that they are aliens. This theory is further supported in the 'Quantum Theory' Quest, where Mr. Goblin Blue tells the player to kill the 'Aliens' in The Forgotten Sky for more Graviton.